Power Flush from Heathlands
Power Flush from Heathlands

How do you know if you need a power flush on your heating system?

A central heating power flush is basically a chemical cleaning process for your central heating system. The cost of which will depend on a number of factors including the age of the system and how many radiators you have in your home.

Telltale signs that things aren’t running correctly and you need a power flush include:

  • Inconsistency of heat on your radiators or ‘cold spots’, or they just don’t seem to heat up properly
  • You’re forever bleeding your radiators and/or the water is discoloured
  • Noisy radiators, pipes and/or boiler
  • Frequent leaks and breakdowns
  • Your boiler constantly needs to be restarted
  • Central heating takes a long time to heat up
  • Cold radiators but hot pipes

What happens over time to your heating system is an accumulation of sludge and debris which clog up the pipes. This causes them to rust and eventually this has an impact on the efficiency of your boiler resulting in cold radiators and an unhappy home!

Other events which may mean you are thinking of a Power Flush is if you’re installing a new boiler so that anything already in your system can be removed before installation. This ensures your new boiler is as efficient as possible from day 1

How long does a Power Flush take?

We have a special machine that forces the chemicals through your central heating system at high pressure, the pipe and radiator flush results in all the sludge and debris being removed (we also add special inhibitors to prevent future corrosion). Depending on the size and complexity of your system the time timings may vary. This is why we need to understand what you have installed so that you know how long the job will take.

Why bother?

You may think that this is an unnecessary expense, but actually the reverse is normally true. Once central heating becomes inefficient the costs of running it escalate, and eventually, boilers can break down. Once you have had a Power Flush you will benefit from:

  • Better energy-efficiency 

  • Improved system reliability 

  • Potentially reduce energy bills 

  • Reduced likeliness of boiler breakdown 

  • Could increase system lifespan 

  • Radiators can warm up quicker 

  • Better quality of heating and hot water 

  • Reduced noise from boiler and radiators 

Power Flush Machine

Still unsure if you need a power flush?

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