On the 12th October 2017 a new policy was announced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) called “Boiler Plus”.  This new policy will now form part of building regulations, and will also require a new minium performance standard for domestic gas boilers in English Homes to be set at 92% ErP*. The outcome of this Policy is that everyone should have access to a decent home that is affordable to run, comfortable to live in, and sustainable for the future and as a result of much public feedback new standards for domestic boiler installations in England were introduced from 6th April 2018.

  • All gas boilers installed into existing systems in England must have an ErP efficiency of at least 92%

  • Time and temperature controls have to be installed at the same time, if not already present and working

  • Require combination boiler replacements to include the provision of an additional energy efficiency measure to be installed at the same time.

*ErP – The ErP Directive aims to phase out poorly performing products across a range of product groups to reduce carbon emissions across Europe, with the ultimate goal of achieving the EU’s 2020 targets.